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One of the biggest challenges business owners face is retaining valuable employees. Building a well-designed executive benefits plan can help you recruit new employees and also give employees a reason to stay with your company in the long run.

"Non-qualified" executive benefits plans refer to plans that may be offered to owners and key employees or executives. They typically include supplemental life, disability, and retirement benefits.

These benefits give you and your key employees more ways to save for the future. The partners and associates at LMBCo design, execute, and oversee supplemental executive benefits plans that are cost-efficient and effective.

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Philip Katen

Their depth of knowledge and experience have been essential to our ability to navigate the ever changing benefit landscape.

Philip Katen
President & General Manager – Plastikos

Plastikos, Inc. / Micro Mold Company, Inc.

Howard R. Pollock - Morris Coupling Company

Their organization is comprised of experienced, dedicated professionals who truly understand client needs

Howard R. Pollock - President/CEO

Morris Coupling Company

Logistics Plus

Lillis, McKibben, Bongiovanni & Co. has the service, experienced and specialized knowledge to ensure that our employees are getting the most comprehensive benefits programs we can offer.

Jim Berlin, CEO

Logistics Plus